Who We are

Welcome to the website of the Sunshine Coast Compassion Club Society.

We have a headquarters in Gibsons and offer delivery across the Sunshine Coast.

We also offer a mail-order service within Canada for an additional $10 flat rate surcharge.

We can only provide cannabis to registered members.

To become a member you must provide verification of your medical need for marijuana and pay an annual membership fee of $15.

You can provide proof of your medical need in one of three ways:

1) If you have a “Section 56” exemption you can automatically become a member.

2) If you suffer from AIDS, cancer, Hepatitis C, glaucoma, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease/colitis, spinal cord damage, nerve damage or arthritis, then you only need to provide us with a “statement of condition” from your doctor.

3) If you have an ailment other than those listed above, then we will require a statement of condition and also a recommendation or acknowledgement of your cannabis use. Download the registration forms (in pdf format) We can also provide forms for you.

Call us to find out what strains and products are currently available.

We normally have between four and six different strains of bud, plus we often have non-isopropyl honey oil, BC Bubblehash and baked goods. We will soon be introducing high-potency tinctures as well. We can also help members to acquire seeds when needed.

Please contact Gerald Hurdinster for more details and information:

Sunshine Coast Compassion Club Society
PO Box 1120
Gibsons, BC, Canada
V0N 1V1

tel 604-888-6518
fax 604-888-6528