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Hey all,

As we move forward into getting the Sunshine Coast Compassion Club up and running again, we want to hear from you, current and former members about what type of product you would like to see us stock.

In the past, we have stocked a variety of indoor and outdoor strains of dried herb, including indica, sativa and hybrid strains of the best medicine you can get. One of our favourites was the Skunk Indica, which had a smooth analgesic effect, best for those with constant pain. Juicy Fruit was a great sativa for nausea and was energizing. Potent stuff! What have you been treating with lately, let us know!

We also use to stock hashish, would the community be interested in us doing so again? It seems that the latest trends in the marijuana community are marijuana budder, marijuana wax, shatter, and other high potency extracts. These are made by extracting THC and the other psychoactives into a solvent. Oil is the least refined extract and has a flavour more similar to that of dry herb. Budder is a more pure extract, with medium flavour and great THC content than the budder. Shatter is the purest form of extract possible, produced using 2 extractions. Some don’t love the lack of taste, but love to have this highest amount possible. With the growing popularity of people treating with extracts, We may begin to stock more extracts like these. Let us know what you would prefer, though.

Although we used to carry seeds for you to grow your own cannabis plants, we’re not sure if we will continue to do so. If there is heavy interest, we will certainly consider the possibility of it. As the laws in Canada continue to change and the Liberal government continues to attempt at recreationalizing/legalizing cannabis, we’re not sure what will happen with the laws behind growing your own for medical purposes. We think it’s nice that you will always know where your medicine is coming from, so we are full supporters of growing your own. As well, gardening is very therapeutic for many people and is a great way to take your mind off the pain, or to get outside and stay active.

And of course we will be stocking all sorts of the best accessories from all parts of the globe for you to enjoy your medicine. Whether you prefer vaporizing, joints, or other smoking mechanisms, we’ll make sure we stock any of the equipment you need to medicate.

Contact us with your preferences of what strains, extracts and accessories you’d like us to provide when we’re up and running for good.


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